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Rather than bore you with a bunch of political speak, here is what I stand for:

-Dedicated to a thriving local economy by empowering businesses to create jobs and benefit our community, while reducing burdensome regulations and fees.

-Working to ensure our beaches are well-maintained with plenty of sand, parking and clean restrooms.

-Encouraging sensible growth that allows the next generation to afford housing in Oceanside, while preserving our unique charm.

-Ensuring the safety, security and wellbeing of Oceanside’s residents by supporting the full funding of our police and firefighter departments. Also making sure the homeless problem is dealt with with compassion and more permanent solutions.

-Making certain Oceanside’s budget is fiscally sound and that the people’s money is spent wisely.

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Paid for by Bassett for Oceanside City Council, District 3 2024 FPPC ID#1461145.