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My decisions will be based on fostering a thriving local economy that empowers businesses, creates jobs, and benefits our community. My focus is on implementing pro-growth policies, cutting unnecessary red tape, and reducing burdensome fees, all while encouraging private-sector investment to unleash the full potential of Oceanside’s entrepreneurial spirit. Together, we can build a stronger and more prosperous future for our beloved city.

With Councilman Robinson during the opening of the City of Oceanside’s new year-around homeless shelter.
Oceanside Boulevard meets Pacific Avenue in Oceanside District 3.


I am deeply committed to preserving and enhancing our local beaches. The beaches are not just a beautiful natural asset, but they are also essential drivers of our community’s identity and economy. I  will work to ensure that our beaches are safe, have plenty of sand, parking, and clean restrooms.  Oceanside’s beaches are not only places for relaxation and recreation but also host various events, including surf competitions and beach sports tournaments. These events not only bring people together but also promote the city’s rich cultural traditions and help drive our economy. I firmly believe that Oceanside’s beaches are invaluable assets, and I will be a strong advocate for their preservation, restoration, and responsible management. We are not Oceanside without our beach.


I am grateful that I am able to live in the same community I grew up in. Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more difficult because of skyrocketing housing costs. We must create housing that is affordable; we must allow the next generation to be able to live in Oceanside. I want our children to be able to afford to live in the community they grew up in. I want the people that work in Oceanside to be able to live here. Oceanside’s charm is undeniable, enabling more people to become a part of this community will only enhance our unique character.

Volunteering at Hope for San Diego, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of San Diegans.
Oceanside residents proudly display their American Flag next to I-5.

Public Safety

Ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of Oceanside’s residents is at the forefront of my commitment to you. I firmly believe in continuing full funding for our brave police and firefighters, giving them the tools they need to protect and serve our community effectively.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a business owner and mom to 6 children, I know the importance of having a balanced budget – this is even more important for our city. Continuing to balance Oceanside’s budget is a crucial responsibility, and I am committed to prudent fiscal management. I will identify areas of waste, streamline government operations, and make responsible financial decisions to ensure that Oceanside remains economically resilient, and fiscally sound for the benefit of all residents all without compromising the charm and character of our city. I believe the city council’s duty is to make certain your money is spent wisely. I pledge to be a good steward of our community’s funds.

District 3’s own Cassidy Street Bridge.