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Meet Laura

Laura was born and raised in Oceanside where she graduated from El Camino High School in 1985 and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Southern California. After college, she returned to the city she loves to settle down and raise a family. Laura and her husband, Taylor, have six children, who all grew up right here in Oceanside. She has been an independent Real  Estate Broker since 2007 and a licensed professional fiduciary, administering trusts and estates since 2011. Laura’s mom instilled a sense of civic duty in her from a very young age. Along with being very involved with community events during her school years, she has also volunteered at local events with the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce like Harbor Days and Operation Appreciation. Supporting local theater has always been a Bassett tradition with her entire family since 2006, working as a volunteer at the historic Star Theatre in downtown Oceanside. Laura’s professional experience starting businesses and working as a fiduciary, along with her degree in accounting makes her uniquely qualified to handle budget issues and cutting waste without affecting Oceanside’s unique charm. Laura’s volunteer experience is a testament to her love of our city and her dedication to keeping its hometown character.  Volunteering her time has given her the opportunity to work with many individuals and groups dedicated to making Oceanside and San Diego County a better place to live and work.