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Elected Officials

Ryan Keim, Deputy Mayor of Oceanside

“As a lifelong resident of Oceanside and District 3, Laura Bassett has a deep understanding of how to protect our residents’ quality of life and I am looking forward to serving alongside her.”

Ryan Keim

Laurie Davies, California State Assemblywoman

“Laura is a proven leader in her community. As a business owner and volunteer, she has dedicated her life to making Oceanside better and will serve as an excellent councilwoman.”

-Laurie Davies

Supervisor Jim Desmond

“As an Oceanside native, mother of six and small business owner, Laura Bassett is very qualified to represent District 3 on the Oceanside City Council. I am confident she will work to make Oceanside thrive and uphold the policies and values the residents want and deserve.”

-Jim Desmond

Peter Weiss, Oceanside City Councilman
Rick Robinson, Oceanside City Councilman
Melanie Burkholder, Carlsbad City Councilwoman
Rebecca Jones, San Marcos Mayor
Ed Musgrove, San Marcos City Councilman
John Franklin, Vista Mayor
Jack Feller, Former Oceanside Councilman
Gary Felien, Former Oceanside Councilman
Jerry Kern, Former Oceanside City Councilman
Colleen O’Harra, Former Oceanside Councilwoman


The Republican Party of San Diego County

Oceanside Police Officers’ Association

“Laura’s professional experience starting businesses and working as a fiduciary, along with her degree in accounting makes her uniquely qualified to handle budget issues and cutting waste without affecting Oceanside’s unique charm. Laura’s volunteer experience is a testament to her love of our city and her dedication to keeping its hometown character. Volunteering her time has given her the opportunity to work with many individuals and groups dedicated to making Oceanside and San Diego County a better place to live and work.”

-Oceanside Police Officer’s Association

Oceanside Firefighters Association

“We’re excited to work with Laura and her campaign. We look forward to the future and will do everything in our power to ensure a victory this November.”

-Oceanside Firefighters Association

Oceanside Chamber of Commerce

“The Chamber is pleased to support Laura Bassett for Oceanside City Council. She brings a strong business background to the position and a commonsense approach to addressing key issues in our community including housing, public safety and economic development. She has spent decades building strong and positive relationships in Oceanside, and we look forward to working with her in a City leadership capacity.”

-Oceanside Chamber of Commerce

Reform California

San Diego County Gun Owners

California Women’s Leadership Association

San Diego Young Republicans

North San Diego County Realtors

Oceanside Marine Safety Employee Association

San Diego Lincoln Club Business League


Anne Speraw, Oceanside resident
Barbara Judd, Oceanside resident
Bruce & Ann Mortland, Oceanside residents
Bruce Barnum, Oceanside resident
Carolyn Ramberg
Cathy Ellis, Oceanside resident
Cheree Drakolakis, Oceanside resident
Doris Ward, Oceanside resident
Ed Parish, Oceanside resident
Frank Kacer, Author & Political Activist
Fred & Stephanie Williamson
Fred & Tamera Hodges, Oceanside residents
Greg Hamilton, Oceanside resident
Herb Morgan
Howard Jacobs
Jack & Linda Morgan, Retired USMC, Oceanside residents
Jeff Chapman, Oceanside resident
Jerry Harder, Oceanside resident
Jim Terry, Oceanside resident
Joan-Marie Reker
John & Wendy Murphy, Oceanside residents
John Corcoran, Literacy Advocate & Oceanside Resident
John Todd, Retired USMC, Former Camp Pendleton Chief of Staff
Judy Buoniconti, Oceanside resident
Kathie Chan, Oceanside resident
Lavonna Young, Oceanside resident
Linda Kononchuk, Oceanside resident
Lloyd Prosser, Retired USMC, Oceanside resident
Mary Strongin, Oceanside resident
Michele Gurren, Oceanside resident
Michelle Delia, Oceanside resident
Mickie Marrone, Oceanside resident
Mike & Kathy Naylor
Mike Richardson, Oceanside resident
Mitch Williamson
Pam Grubbs
, Oceanside resident
Pamela Grubbs, Oceanside resident
Paul & Kathi Pace, Oceanside residents
Paul Hefferlin, Oceanside resident
Penny Harrington, Penny’s Picks
Peni Woehrman, Oceanside resident
Phil & Suzanne Weatherly, Oceanside residents
Sharon Sheafe, Oceanside resident
Steve & Lynn Jepsen, Oceanside residents
Steve & Marijane Relth, Oceanside residents
Terry Lutz, Oceanside resident
Terry Carpenter
Terri Zimdars, Oceanside resident
Trish Vernazza
Tod & Colleen Mertes, Oceanside residents
Wanda Fuller, Oceanside resident

Civic and Business Leaders

John Corcoran, Literacy Advocate
John Todd, USMC (Ret.), Former Camp Pendleton Chief of Staff
Steve Jepsen, Former Oceanside City Manager
Col. George Brown, USMC (Ret.)
Joe Roy, Oceanside Police Officer, VP of OPOA
Scott Ashton, Executive Director, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce
Lloyd Prosser, Retired USMC
Frank Kacer, Author & Political Activist
Fred & Stephanie Williamson, Williamson Strawberries
Penny Harrington, Penny’s Picks
Michael Moore, Moore Construction
Tom Morrisey, Oceanside Planning Commission
Carl DeMaio, Chairman, Reform California + Host, The DeMaio Report